Wednesday, August 3, 2011

jEdit Source Code Editors

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jEdit, a program for Windows, Mac OS X, OS/2, Linux, BSD, Unix and VMS, is said to be for mature programmers only. Written in Java, it is open source and supports hundreds of plugins and macros. The main window can be split horizontally or vertically and also comes with "auto indent, as well as syntax highlighting for more than 130 languages." There are lots of customization options for making everything from the dock to the status bar to the toolbar look and feel exactly the way you want. You can even "copy and paste with an unlimited number of clipboards."

Programming languages supported include: ActionScript, ColdFusion, LOTOS, Ruby, Python and COBOL. All of jEdit’s features cannot possibly fit into this paragraph, but you can watch them all here.
Powerful search engine for regular expressions
Syntax highlighting with customization options
Auto completion
Code folding
Text folding
Compiler integration (via plugin)
Plugin support and macros
Tabbed editing interface
Integrated FTP browser
Spell checker (via plugin)
FTP support (via plugin)
HTTP and WebDav (via plugin) support for remote file editing
Multiple instances
Heavyweight and often slow on startup

istent spell checker
Can be buggy on the Mac
No collaborative editing
No large file support
No SSH support for remote file editing


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