Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Notepad ++ Source Code Editors

Download Notepad++
Notepad++ is an open source replacement for the original Notepad program (which comes with Windows) and supports several languages. Even though it is built for Microsoft Windows, it can also run on Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac OS X (using Wine). Immediately upon starting Notepad++ you will notice the difference between it and the original Notepad. There are loads of additional buttons and features such as plugin support, tabbed editing, drag and drop, split screen editing, synchronized scrolling, spell checker (via an included plugin), get and replace over multiple documents, file comparison, zooming and much more. "Notepadd++ supports syntax highlighting and syntax folding for 48 programming, scripting, as well as markup languages" (source).

As the website explains, the program is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. If you would want to learn how to make Notepadd++ your default text editor
Lightweight and launches quickly
Tabbed editing interface
Plugin support and macros
Ability to add bookmarks
Drag and drop support
Find and replace across multiple documents
Full screen mode
Minimize to system tray
Style configurator for a customizable interface
Syntax and brace highlighting
Auto indentation
Auto completion
Code folding
Text folding
Compiler integration
Search and replace
Spell checker (via plugin)
Collaborative editing (via plugin)
FTP support (via plugin)
Multiple instances
File comparison
No HTTP, SSH or WebDav support for remote file editing
Does not support large files
Another program is needed in order to run on Mac OS X


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