Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EditPad Lite Source Code Editors

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EditPad Lite is another Windows-only, general-purpose text editor and is written in 10 unique languages. It was built with Delphi and is small, compact and free for non-commercial use only. So, if you will be getting paid for the work which you do with it, then you’ll must spend EditPadPro. Features are limited, but it does have tabbed editing, can remain running in the method tray, supports auto indenting and can be configured to suit your own taste and eyesight.

EditPad Lite also resembles Notepad with the exception of the formatting toolbar and tabs.
Tabbed editing interface
Auto indentation
Unlimited undo and redo even after saving a file (as long as it remains open)
Large file support
FTP support
Multiple instances
No syntax highlighting
No auto completion
No code folding
No text folding
No compiler integration
No macros
No collaborative editing
Spell checker not included in free version
No HTTP, SSH or WebDav support for remote file editing


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