Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ATPad Source Code Editors

 ATPad Download
ATPad is not much unique than most of the others mentioned above: it’s another rendition of Notepad with a few upgrades. Besides English, you can get ATPad in 11 other languages. You get tabbed editing, customization options, line numbering, word wrapping, bookmarks (so which you don’t lose your place when returning), customizable snippets, sending by email and more. Since ATPad doesn’t require installation, you can open it from virtually kind of drive and it doesn’t leave traces behind. To remove it simply delete the ATPad directory.
Allows tiling and cascading of windows
Tabbed editing interface
Line numbering
Text snippets
Can send documents via email
No installation required
Ability to add bookmarks
Unlimited find/replaces and undo/redo
Does not come with spell checker


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