Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RJ TextEd Source Code Editors

  RJ TextEd Download 
RJ TextEd is for Windows only and supports 18 unique languages and 20 programming languages. It was built on CodeGear Delphi and is not open source. There is both a PC and portable version for download along with a handful of plugins and tools which you can download separately. Unlike most of the clean cut programs mentioned above, RJ TextEd has toolbars, panes and tabs galore. You can also make projects and macros and customize your work environment.
Has a portable version
Syntax highlighting
Spell checker
Auto indentation
Auto completion
Code folding
Text folding
Compiler integration
FTP and Secure FTP support
SSH support for remote file editing
Multiple instances
No collaborative editing
No large file support
No HTTP or WebDav support for remote file editing


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